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Fanboy Comics reviews advance copy of ‘Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 2 #1′

For those who are eagerly awaiting the release of the new Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 2 #1, here is an advance copy review by Kristine Chester, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor!


Legends of the Guard is always at its best when it’s creating mythology for the world. “Magic” has been talked about before in the series but never seriously explored, but in Tiernan the Brave’s adventure that very thing is present. The little glimpses of Tiernan’s later journeys set my wheels spinning on the possibilities and the situation he counters beneath the water raises even more questions about the workings of the Mouse Guard world.

Check out the full review here, but read at your own risk (spoilers)!

Pick up your copy of Legends of the Guard Volume 2 #1 tomorrow, June 26th, from your local comic book shop! Click here to find the closest shop near you.