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Fanboy Comics Interview with David Petersen

Jason Enright over at Fanboy Comics recently sat down with David Petersen to talk about the upcoming release of Volume 2 of the Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard miniseries! (The first volume won an Eisner Award in 2011 for Best Anthology.) Issue #1 goes on sale in May and is available for pre-order now (Diamond Order Code MAR130802)! Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

The PREVIEWS Party: In Legends of the Guard, you open up the fantastic world of Mouse Guard to other writers and artists to tell their stories. What has the process been like selecting creative teams for Legends of the Guard?

DAVID PETERSEN: The selection process mostly boils down to my personal taste. I invited comic creators (and even a few artists and writers who had never done sequential comics) because I’m attracted to their work and how they tell a story with it. When we did the first series, I generated three lists, the first being people I admired who also had already expressed interest in Mouse Guard and perhaps offered to do a pinup or something. Those were the “for-sure’s.” I also made a list of people who I liked and had met, but didn’t know if they had any interest in Mouse Guard, and finally a list of folks I’d never met and were long-shots. We made our way almost all the way through the first and second volume by only using people from that first list.

Read the complete interview here!