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Emertainment Monthly interviews ‘Cyborg 009′ writer, FJ DeSanto!

Emertainment Monthly, an entertainment news website run by students of Emerson College, interviews with the writer of Cyborg 009, FJ DeSanto!

DeSanto discusses with editor Michael Moccio his background as a writer, developing a writing style, and how he came to be the writer for Cyborg 009.

How would you describe your writing style and how have you developed it?

I don’t really know how to describe my writing. My approach is how do I make something engaging and fun, and what will make somebody want to pick up this book and come back for more? Or have these readers want to seek out the original manga and more about the source material. There are so many options in terms of graphic novels and comics, and I always try to think of who’s going to read this. This was a very collaborative effort, and Stephen really pushed it—pushed me—forward. He made me such a better writer. Certainly, I’ve improved through this experience. No one held back, this was a legitimate team effort.

What has your experience been like, working with Marcus To as your artist?

I’m like a giddy little kid when I get an artist like him, because he’s just one of those guys—and Ian, the colorist who works in same studio—Marcus is a guy who’s done a lot of stuff for DC, and I feel this was a big opportunity for him to really let go and go crazy. I’m really glad we were writing while he was drawing—especially when we got to the climax, because knowing what he could really just turned it up. It got to the point where we said, “Marcus, here’s what we want to do” instead of explaining it in every detail, because we knew he could handle it. You can tell he’s just loving every page of it, especially some of those double-page spreads! I couldn’t ask for a better artist. He’s a hell of an artist and Ian takes everything Marcus draws and brings it to that next level.

I was with Marcus last year at Comic Con and I can’t believe people don’t understand this: he gets a line of teenagers—the audience publishers want the most—he connects with them in a unique way. I watched him draw maybe a hundred Red Robins or Kid Flash, and he really understands teen heroes. Marcus’ name came up for the book, and I got really excited. Some of his Tim Drake drawings looked a lot like Joe, the main character of 009, and Marcus was able to capture the essence of that. People line up for him, and for good reason!

You can check out the rest of the interview here!