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Emertainment Monthly interviews Archaia’s editor in chief!

Michael Moccio from Emertainment Monthly interviews with Archaia Entertainment‘s editor in chief, Stephen Christy! Christy talks about how he got to his current position, the BOOM! acquisition, how Archaia competes with the bigger comic companies, and more!

Here’s a sneak preview:

How do you compete with big names like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Dark Horse?

It’s not so much people knowing Marvel and DC. There are two comic book audiences: there’s the audience that goes into shops every Wednesday to buy superhero comic books, and then there’s the audiences who will go into a book store or Amazon and buy these more literary-bound, craft novels. We’re creating various, gorgeous, coffee-table books—they’re objects of art. I always say we’re making comics for people who don’t read comics—people who read books, who watch television, who are in it for the art. We like to think of ourselves as the HBO of comics, instead of your more traditional superhero comics.

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