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Director’s Commentary: Spera Volume 2

Josh Tierney talks about working on Spera, the history behind the book and the work he went through to bring out the second volume of his beautiful book, at Forbidden Planet International.

I had written a short prose script of Spera’s protagonists — Pira, Lono and Yonder — entering the city of Kotequog and renting a room at an inn, and decided to turn this into the opening of Volume II. Volume I is basically a sort of dark fairy tale, and I wanted Volume II to be lighter and more charming, with even more focus on character interaction. Originally I was going to leave out the pretext of plot altogether, and just depict Pira and Lono leading their lives in Kotequog as a form of ambient narrative, but I can’t help but write in monsters. And then I think about who owns the monsters, and from there a plot takes shape on its own….

…I’m mainly drawn to entertainment products that are well-designed and packed with content, such as Criterion movies and Nobrow books, so I’m very glad and grateful I get to help put something like the Spera books together through Archaia. Scott Newman’s designs for the books are immaculate, and each book is and will be loaded with art from some of the finest illustrators I know.

To read more of this insightful interview go here. ‘Spera’ is written by Josh Tierney and Volume 2 is illustrated by Giannis Milonogiannis, Kyla Vanderklugt, Afu Chan, and Timothy Weaver. This first part of volume 2 can be found on comiXology and the printed version will be available this fall.