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Digital Releases for June 5th

The following Archaia digital comics are now available for download on comiXology!
(Digital First refers to titles that are available first as digital comics before the print version is released.)

Mouse Guard Vol. 3: The Black Axe SEMouse Guard Vol. 3: The Black Axe

Digital First

(W) David Petersen
(A) David Petersen

This prequel set in 1115, fulfills the promise the wise oldfur Celanawe made to tell Lieam of the day his paw first touched the Black Axe. The arrival of distant kin takes Celanawe on an adventure that will carry him across the sea to uncharted waters and lands all while unraveling the legend of Farrer, the blacksmith who forged the mythic axe.

Space: 1999 - Classics Remastered #10Space: 1999 – Classics Remastered #10

Digital First

(W) Angus P. Alan, Nicolas Cuti, Andrew E. C. Gaska
(A) Miki, Gray Morrow, Mike Noble

This issue: ‘Of Mice and Mandroids’ Chapter 5 (of 6) and Rebellion – CLASSIC SPACE:1999′s only multi-issue story arc continues!
The sole survivor of the destruction wrought on her world by the Infinity Mechanism, an Alien Queen with misguided motives has infiltrated Alpha, targeting Commander John Koenig! Can Koenig use logic alone to save himself and Alpha from an uncertain fate? Then flash forward to a tale that takes place after the second season of Space 1999, as John and Maya find themselves the victims of a time warp and an alien insurrection!

Spera Vol. 3 #2 Spera Vol. 3 #2

Digital First

(W) Josh Tierney
(A) Meg Gandy

Pira and company confront Kyle & Nole, two remnants of Lono’s kingdom who wish less than ill for the band of runaways. Now they must fight for their lives to escape certain death and the wild magic and trickery of the Water Spirit, leading to complications that could separate our heroes forever…



But that’s not all! The following Archaia titles are now available for download from the Comics Plus App!

Space: 1999 - Aftershock & Awe #2Space: 1999: Aftershock and Awe #2


(W) Andrew E. C. Gaska
(A) Gray Morrow

Based on the classic science fiction television series SPACE: 1999- and set in the continuity of the original series, AFTERSHOCK AND AWE steals a glimpse at an alternate history of mankind, and jump-starts humanity’s eventual destiny far out in space.




Spera #2 Spera #2


(W) Josh Tierney

Lono, Pira, and Yonder face an earth monster that propels them into the air. Afterwards, they must climb the side of a mountain to reach the cave that leads to Spera.




Fraggle RockFraggle Rock GN


(W) Adrianne Ambrose, Nichol Ashworth, Jeffrey Brown, Bryce P. Coleman, Katie Cook, Leigh Dragoon, Sam Humphries, Neil Kleid, Grace Randolph & Heather White
Jeffrey Brown, Katie Cook, Cari Corene, Michael DiMotta, Joanna Estep, Lizzy John, Whitney Leith, Jeremy Love, Jake Myler, Fernando Pinto & Jeff Stokely

It’s time to dance your cares away as Archaia and The Jim Henson Company invite you to return once again to FRAGGLE ROCK! Join Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red for a brand-new series of hilarious and heartfelt adventures written and drawn by some of the most imaginative creators in comics. Whether you’re a fan of the original series or new to the world of the Fraggles, this is one title you don’t want to miss. Just watch out for Gorgs!