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Digital Releases for June 19

The following Archaia digital titles are available this week for download from the Comics Plus App!


Cow Boy #4

(W) Nate Cosby
(A) Chris Eliopoulos

Boyd crosses the border to find his brother Zeke. He gives Zeke two options, leave with him peacefully, or leave with him not so peacefully; either way, Zeke Linney is leaving.





Iron: Or, the War After #4

(W) Shane-Michael Vidaurri
(A) Shane-Michael Vidaurri

Engel convinces James to take the stand against Pavel only James decides to tell the truth this time, instead of the lies that Engel wanted him to say. Engel must face the consequences of his actions.





Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 #5

(W) David Petersen
(A) David Petersen

Rain drenches the soldiers of the Axe as they march on Lockhaven. As they tromp through mud and navigate the downpour, Lieam listens to the ramblings of the Axe’s commander. Saxon, Kenzie, and Celanawe face similar difficulties trying to catch up with the armored horde in hopes of preventing an attack on the home of the Mouse Guard. It’s a dark hour for three of the Guard’s finest‚ who only went looking for a grain merchant.



Pantalones, TX: Don’t Chicken Out #3

(W) Yehudi Mercado
(A) Yehudi Mercado

Yehudi Mercado brings the zaniness of Saturday-morning cartoons to this wacky graphic novel! Appealing to fans of Adventure Time, The Simpsons, and Captain Underpants, Pantalones, TX follows the adventures of a band of misfit kids in a rural Texas town as they try to outwit, outrun, and outprank the ever-vigilant, taco-truck-riding sheriff and his giant chicken.



Sharaz-De #3

(W) Sergio Toppi
(A) Sergio Toppi

Sharaz-de spins two more tales for the evil king, saving her people for two more nights. She tells him of the weary sailor brought before the court of law for refusing to speak the name of God, but who has miraculous tales to tell of giants from beyond the sea. And she tells of the honorable General to a sadistic tyrant who sacrifices himself to spare the life of a snake…and of the magic that follows.