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Digital Comic Releases for Feb. 20

The following new Archaia digital comic is now available onĀ comiXology!

Pantalones, TX: Don’t Chicken Out

(W) Yehudi Mercado
(A) Yehudi Mercado

Digital First!* The full book collection is now available on comiXology. 127 pages! Welcome to Pantalones, TX! The town where underwear was invented! A town where kids still play outdoors, skin their knees and give chase to the ne’er-do-well Sheriff Cornwallis. Chico Bustamante aims to perform a stunt so dangerous, it’ll make him a Texas legend. That stunt comes in the form of the Sheriff’s giant chicken: Chico’ll have to ride it or die tryin’. He’s got to man up and not chicken out. From the mind of animator Yehudi Mercado, comes a hilarious, Southwestern adventure filled with action, suspense and mobile chicken shacks!

*Denotes title is being released digitally ahead of the print version.