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Digital Comic Releases for Feb. 13

The following new Archaia digital comics are now available on comiXology!

Jeremy Barlow
(A) Nathan Fox

DIGITAL FIRST*! On a planet ruined by corporate warfare and environmental havoc, only those with a spark of ingenuity and the courage to light the fuse have any hope of prosperity. The planetary quarantine surrounding the once-idyllic planet Illal has forced the inhabitants to forge their own future with what little resources they have left in the wake of the Giga-Structure, the growing viral mass that engulfs nearly a third of the surface. With no help from the United Terran Authority, the two largest multi-planetary corporations left on the planet, SENTIUM and PROSK, define and enforce their own laws as they fight for dominance over the next fountain of riches. Neither of them could possibly suspect that the mother lode will be discovered in the most unlikeliest of places.

(W) Joshua Dysart
(A) Alex Sheikman and Lizzie John

DIGITAL FIRST*!  In the third issue of The Dark Crystal, the Ursek attempt to utilize the power of the crystal to return home, but the anger and mistrust fostered by Raunip’s group cause everything to go awry. Now they must escape the Crystal Palace and the new evil that has spawned in Thra.

(W) Charles Soule
(A) Greg Scott

DIGITAL FIRST*! Heller throws himself into Dr. Brownfield’s world of adjustments and patterns. As he falls deeper and deeper into the equations that shape the city’s destiny, he grows more distant to the things that once mattered in his life. But how can school and friends matter when the numbers show a rapidly approaching cataclysm for the city he loves?

*Denotes a title that is debuting as a digital comic before coming out in print.