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Digital Comic Releases for Dec. 26 and Jan. 2

Because of the holidays, you may have missed news of the following new Archaia digital comics available now for download on comiXology!

Saurav Mohapatra
Vivek Shinde

DIGITAL FIRST*! Arjun Kadam’s quest for justice has turned into an obsession. It has taken him into the glamorous heart of Mumbai—deep into the flashy world of Bollywood. But, his luck is about to run out. A nemesis from his bloody past as an Encounter Cops confronts him, and imparts a violent lesson about crime and punishment in Mumbai.



(W) Sergio Toppi
(A) Sergio Toppi

Sharaz-De has survived the night, and King Shahriyar is eager for more stories. In this installment, Sharaz-De tells him the tale of an ill king who will stop at nothing to find a cure. An old wise man visits the king, claiming he knows the cure, but the king must follow his outlandish orders exactly. Sharaz-De then tells the story of a poor mountain man who stumbles upon a genie in a sealed urn. Though the king is delighted with these tales, how long can Sharaz-De stay alive?


Yehudi Mercado
(A) Yehudi Mercado

DIGITAL FIRST*! Animator Yehudi Mercado brings the zaniness of Saturday-morning cartoons to this wacky graphic novel! Appealing to fans of Adventure Time, The Simpsons, and Captain Underpants, Pantalones, TX follows the adventures of a band of misfit kids in a rural Texas town as they try to outwit, outrun, and outprank the ever-vigilant, taco-truck-riding sheriff and his giant chicken.

*Denotes a title that is debuting as a digital comic before coming out in print.