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David Petersen ‘Mouse Guard’ Interview on Nerdist News

In case you missed it, Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #6 (of 6) went on sale last week in comic book shops! Creator David Petersen did a great interview on The Nerdist where he talks about the evolution of the series, creating the art style, what’s next, and more!

Nerdist: Tell us about the genesis of Mouse Guard and how it’s evolved over the past 7 years. I know that this title had been germinating for a long time before that, too.

David Petersen: Mouse Guard started in high school with the idea of combining animal stories like Wind in the Willows and Disney’s Robin Hood with the D&D adventures my friends and I were playing. Back then it had a wider cast of species as characters, and being only 16, I didn’t get very far with it before some other project, homework, or pastime caught my attention. In college, I dusted off the idea again, but decided to make it a bit more like Aesop’s Fables where the animals were actual animals rather than animal heads on human-like bodies. Each species was meant to have a different culture and mice would be the smallest of these and bears the largest. I soon realized that if those varied species interacted much, there would be slaughter… especially of something like mice, who eat only grain and are very small. Because that felt like the heart of a good story, I pushed everything else to the background and focused solely on the mice.

The only evolution since then (and the first issue) has been to try and improve as a writer and artist. The visuals and words have changed with each volume, hopefully all for the better.

You can read the rest of the interview here!