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David Marquez Talks ‘The Joyners in 3D’ with L.A. Times

The L.A. Times Hero Complex blog caught up with artist David Marquez to talk about his upcoming Archaia graphic novel The Joyners in 3D, which reunites Marquez with his Syndrome collaborator R.J. Ryan, as well as his work on Ultimate Spider-Man and All-New X-Men.

HC: Can you tell us a little about how you got your start in the industry? Did you study art in school?

DM: I graduated about 10 years ago. I actually went to [the University of Texas at Austin] on an academic scholarship. I had planned originally to go into teaching. I was going to go to grad school to get a Ph.D. in either political science or history, because I majored in history and government. And while applying for grad school — I got into a few — I realized that it wasn’t really what I had expected it to be in terms of the life of being a grad student. So I delved back and was looking to be a history teacher and tried out on a whim for an animation position, because I’d always drawn. And I got the animation position on “A Scanner Darkly,” which was made here in town, and that kind of converted me to an art career.

HC: So had you received any formal training?

DM: I took some art classes in high school and some summer classes when I was in elementary and middle school, but with the exception of those, no. I’ve always been drawing. If you go back and look at all my college notebooks. They start off all nice and cleanly organized, but then they become just sketchbooks after the first or second week.

You can read the rest of the interview at the LA Times Hero Complex blog HERE!