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‘Crimespree Magazine’ Reviews ‘The Grand Duke’

Jon Jordan of Crimespree Magazine recently recommended The Grand Duke, by Yann and Romain Hugault. Here’s an excerpt from his review:

On the first read I was so enthralled by the art I stopped reading and was just turning page after page staring at the art with my mouth hanging open. Romain Hugault is unbelievable. As it turns out he has been flying since he was seventeen and specializes in aviation drawing. His ability to draw the planes and other hardware of war is so realistic I expected the drawings to start moving… They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, in this book the art raises storytelling to a whole new level.

Read the whole review on the Crimespree Magazine website, HERE!

And after you read the review you can pick up your own copy of The Grand Duke at the Archaia webstore, your local comic shop, or wherever books are sold.