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‘Cow Boy’ is a ‘combination of snappy dialogue and adorable art’

Snow, from, reviews ‘Cow Boy’ by Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos. ‘Cow Boy’ is about Boyd, a ten-year-old bounty hunter. He finds that things get less simple when the bounty you’re collecting is on a member of your no-good, low-life family.

Why I picked it up: I couldn’t resist the cover image of the small, scruffy boy holding a shotgun with a stock that looks like a child’s toy.

Why I finished it: The combination of snappy dialogue (“Mighty big gun for a little boy.” “Wouldn’t worry too much ’bout my gun, sir. But I might fret about its bullets.”) and adorable art made me alternately smile and sniffle. I hope there are plans for a sequel!

I also loved the short comics in-between the chapters, created by Roger Langridge, Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, Mitch Gerads, Colleen Coover, and Mike Maihack. These ranged from off-beat to romantic to just plain silly, and added to the half-serious/half-silly world that Cosby and Eliopoulos created.

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