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ComicsAlliance interviews Editors-in-Chief of Archaia and BOOM! Studios

Writer Andy Khouri for Comics Alliance, interviews the Editors-in-Chief of Archaia and BOOM! Studios, Stephen Christy and Matt Gagnon, about the acquisition, creator deals, and aesthetics. Christy and Gagnon discuss how the acquisition came to be, why it made sense to them from a number of angles, and what readers and professionals can expect from the new union.

ComicsAlliance: How did BOOM! come into the picture? Was this a case of Archaia looking for a rescuer or were the circumstances less dire than some people have assumed?

MATT GAGNON: Our interest in a potential acquisition of Archaia has always been rooted in our appreciation and respect for the beautiful books they’ve created, the accomplishments they’ve achieved, and our shared core values. As for the exact chain of events, these things tend to happen at the board level and involve a skill set that isn’t mine or Stephen’s primary focus. Our focus is helping create great comics and graphic novels, something I think both Archaia and BOOM! excel at.

STEPHEN CHRISTY: This definitely wasn’t a situation of us looking for a “rescuer”… I think that both [new BOOM! Studios President] Jack [Cummins] and [BOOM! Studios founder and CEO] Ross [Richie] can speak more to this, as I’m sure they will, but this for us was really more about it being the right opportunity at the right time, and both teams sharing a vision that a consolidation of resources could lead to more success for all of us.

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