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Comics Waiting Room reviews MUMBAI CONFIDENTIAL


Avril Brown over at Comics Waiting Room was able to take a look at ‘Mumbai Confidential’ and voice her thoughts.

Here’s an excerpt from the article below:

“Archaia is known for backing some of the prettiest ponies in the comics business, and they found a fine looking stallion in MUMBAI. Shinde’s watercolor artwork gives the story a dreamlike quality, even when the blood is cascading out of bullet holes. The colors and varying sharpness of each panel add dimensions to Kadam’s struggle with depression and his fight to do at least one thing right. MUMBAI CONFIDENTIAL is an amazing story particularly since every page shows that Mohapatra and Shinde were made to tell it together. Here’s hoping we see more from this team, for there are undoubtedly more tales to tell from the streets of Mumbai.”

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Don’ t forget that you can pre-order Mumbai Confidential at the Archaia store.