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Comics Crux interviews creators of ‘The Joyners in 3D’

Comics Crux writer Jessica Tarnate interviewed writer R.J Ryan and artist David Marquez about their upcoming 3D book, The Joyners in 3D. Here’s an excerpt:

Who are the Joyners? What is the setting for this sci-fi story?

R.J. RYAN: They’re the quintessential family of the future, a family that from an outsider’s perspective is seen as doing well for themselves. The book is all about delving into this family’s private life—the betrayals, the stubbornness, the emotional neglect. The future we’re describing here is one that’s 50 years ahead of our own, year 2062. During this time period, the story takes place all over Northern California as we dramatize the Joyner family slowly dissolving like an Alka-Seltzer tablet in water.

DAVID MARQUEZ: The objective of our story is to bring something to life that is visually hopeful and deeply designed, but also emotionally raw, honest and frequently dark with its themes. That was a hugely interesting juxtaposition for me going in.

RJR: I keep warning people, “This is a sad family story” because Dave is drawing the aftermath of the death of Miles Morales’s mother in Ultimate Spider-Man, a title that is arguably the best-selling family tragedy in comics right now. The man was born to draw The Joyners in 3D.

You two previously worked together on Syndrome for Archaia Entertainment. What influenced your decision to create a new comic book in 3D?

RJR: Our inspiration was drawn from looking at the small pool of anaglyph 3D comics that had been produced and feeling we could do something distinctive and frankly better in that space, since it is a super-small space compromised by a lot of licensed books. We felt that serious art in 3D comics hasn’t really been attempted much. I pitched the 3D element to Dave in October of 2010, while we were all still promoting Syndrome and Dave was just starting at Marvel, and I was stunned at how little I had to twist his arm about it. He was excited and hungry for the technical challenge.

DM: We were determined to do a book together, and 3D was one of the last pieces of the conceptual puzzle that came into the project before we pitched it to Archaia and our editor, Stephen Christy. Archaia loved the pitch for the book but made us do a series of 3D art tests before they approved that part of the book.

You can read the full interview on the Comics Crux website here. The Joyners in 3D is scheduled to debut at New York Comic Con this October.