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Comics Bulletin Says ‘Bleedout’ Is an ‘Excellent Original Graphic Novel’


Writer Bill Janzen gives the Bleedout original graphic novel four out of five bullets in his recent review on Comics Bulletin! He writes:

Overall, Bleedout is an excellent original graphic novel that tells the stories of numerous crime lords coming to power within a larger city and world story, a story that is very well written and well drawn. If you’re a crime comic fan, or just a fan of well-written characters and story arcs, and if you’re not put off by mature content, I recommend picking up Bleedout.

You can read the rest of the review on the Comics Bulletin website.

In Bleedout, the world’s oil supply mysteriously runs out, causing civilization to collapse. In the ruins, criminal empires arise in the battle to survive as the focus shifts to one particular place, Sunrise City, which may hold the key to mankind’s future.

Written by Mike Kennedy and illustrated by a who’s who in comics, including Nathan Fox, Ben Templesmith, Glenn Fabry and Trevor Hairsine, Bleedout is based on the Massively Multiplayer Online PC game by Vogster Entertainment.