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Comics Bulletin Reviews ‘City in the Desert’ by Moro Rogers


Comics Bulletin recently reviewed City in the Desert by the talented Moro Rogers. An excerpt of their article is below:

Moro Rogers’s City in the Desert is a very entertaining debut from a new cartoonist. Irro and Hari, two monster hunters from the town of Kevala suddenly find themselves out of work when a shady religious group called “The Way of Sacred Peace” comes into town, promising a permanent end to the frequent monster attacks.

Because this is the first of a series of graphic novels, Rogers allows herself to take her time telling the story, really building up her characters and this world they inhabit. This first volume is just an appetizer — we get our main characters, we get some bad guys, and we get some looks into the people around the town of Kevala, but Rogers is alluding to deeper connections and relationships between her characters, setting things up for what looks to be something of an ages-spanning epic in the coming volumes. Really, all this book is missing is a map on the inside cover, the almost-universal signal for “Caution: You’re About To Get Hip-Deep Into A Fantasy Story.”

You can read the rest of the article and check out some choice selections of City in the Desert art HERE!

And don’t forget, you can pick up your own copy of City in the Desert at the Archaia WEBSTORE, your local comic shop, or wherever books are sold.