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Comics Alliance Reviews ‘Cow Boy’: ‘More Than Cute’

In Matt D. Wilson’s this here recent review of Cow Boy on the website Comics Alliance, he writes:

Just take a glance at Cow Boy, Archaia’s new hardcover graphic novel from writer Nate Cosby and artist Chris Eliopoulos, and you might quickly write it off as “cute.” And, to be fair, an all ages story about a 10-year-old boy with what may or may not be a real gun made up to look like a toy horse hunting bounties in the old West is cute. But there’s a lot more to this work than meets the eye. The story has a maturity to it, not in that it’s loaded up with “mature” comics fodder like explicit violence and sex, but in its emotion. Indeed, the title character has lived a lifetime in his 10 short years.

Y’all can read the rest of the review on Comics Alliance’s website here. Now git!