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Comic Book Snob Reviews ‘Okko’ Series

One of the French titles we publish in English is Hub’s Okko, about a motley crew of demon-hunting warriors in a fictitious Asian country led by the titular character, a ronin with a hot temper and very little patience. The website Comic Book Snob recently posted a nice write-up of the three collected volumes of the series that have thus far been released. They write:

HUB’s writing (translated to english by Edward Gauvin), is impactful and entertaining with well placed plot twists and a near-perfect balance of dialogue and action. His characters are well developed endearing individuals with baggage and consistently portrayed idiosyncrasies. The steadfast bond between Okko and his mysterious retainer Noburo, and the master/student relationship of the hilarious, drunken Noshin and eager Tikku are enough on their own to make Okko a fantastic series. But for all HUB’s abilities as a writer, (and they are appreciable), where he really outshines the pack is in his talents as an illustrator.

You can read the rest of the review here.

If you haven’t ready Okko yet, we urge you to give it a try, especially if you like supernatural tales featuring samurai warriors!

There’s a fourth volume, Okko Vol. 4: The Cycle of Fire, that Hub is currently working on in his native France. Once he finishes, rest assured, we’ll be publishing that in English as well!