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I was never a member of the cult of “Fraggle Rock.” Sure, I’d seen a few episodes, but we didn’t have HBO growing up, so seeing it on a regular basis wasn’t an option. Still, there was something cool about the world of the Fraggles, with the tiny Doozers building structures all around the Fraggles, and the world of the giant Gorgs that the Fraggles had to sneak through in order to steal radishes and visit the oracular Trash Heap.

If anything, reading the “Fraggle Rock” half of Archaia’s Free Comic Book Day offering makes me want to go back and rent the DVDs so that I can see some more of this show. It’s a marvelous setup, one that we see most of in the two stories offered here. “Boober the Doozer” spotlights the relationship between the Fraggles and the Doozers, as Boober sulkily decides that Red Fraggle is right and he should become a Doozer as well. Like the episodes that I remember from “Fraggle Rock,” “Boober the Doozer” can be viewed both as simple entertainment and a story involving a lesson. Nichol Ashworth’s script is about being true to yourself instead of trying to be someone you’re not, but it’s also funny watching Doozer’s attempts to build skyscrapers among the little hard-hat wearing Doozers. Jake Myler’s art is perfect for “Fraggle Rock,” with a smooth and crisp style that nails the Jim Henson character designs. He’s able to get that sulky look on Boober’s face, and the shaggy mop of hair on top of his head is exactly as I remembered it.

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