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Comic Book Resources Reviews ‘The Reason for Dragons’!

The Reason for Dragons follows the story of Wendell, a high school outcast who lives a lonely, suburban existence. However, his life completely changes when the school bullies convince him to venture into an abandoned and supposedly haunted Renaissance Fair. There, Wendell meets a man who not only believes he is a medieval knight, but is also convinced that a real dragon is lurking within the nearby woods!

Doug Zawisza from Comic Book Resources describes The Reason for Dragons as “a relatable tale that is not limited by the reader’s age or experience in life”. In his full review, Zawisza not only provides a great summary, but also great critiques for the amazing graphic novel!

Here is a sneak preview of his article:

“Northrop is paired well with artist Jeff Stokely. I’ve enjoyed Stokely’s work on BOOM!’s “Six-Gun Gorilla,” but was drawn to this book by the striking imagery of a medieval knight and a modern-day boy sharing a seat on a motorcycle. . .The color work from Chris Northrop and Andrew Elder works nicely with Stokely’s lines, helping The Reason for Dragons to shine throughout.”

Read the full review here!