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Chad Michael Murray Talks ‘Everlast’ with Newsarama at New York Comic Con

Comics news website Newsarama has posted an uncut video interview with actor and graphic novelist Chad Michael Murray (“One Tree Hill”), whom they interviewed about his upcoming Archaia book Everlast in their exclusive skybox overlooking the New York Comic Con floor. When asked what his inspiration was for writing the story, Murray explained,

“I was in North Carolina, filming a TV series, ‘One Tree Hill,’ and I heard a knock at my door. A man was standing there and he basically starts preaching to me, saying, ‘The end is coming. 144,000 people are gonna be left to survive the End of Days. Do you want to be one of them?’ And I thought, Wow, I’ve got to listen now!…

“I couldn’t get it out of my head. What if there really was only a select people that were gonna survive the End of Days? How would you choose? How could you choose out of six billion people in the world? The sin free? The genetically perfect? The best comic book writers. The best doctors…

“So, Derek Everlast was created. He’s a soldier hidden amongst mankind whose job is to find the chosen souls who are meant to survive the End of Days.”

You can watch the rest of the interview with Chad on Newsarama’s website.

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