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CBR Talks to ‘Tale of Sand’ Artist Ramón Pérez, Reveals Colored Pages

In their recent interview with Jim Henson’s A Tale of Sand artist, Ramón Pérez, Comic Book Resources revealed two, new, never-before-seen colored pages from the upcoming graphic novel. In addition, Pérez revealed what it was like to work on this unproduced screenplay, especially because he’s such a fan of Jim Henson:

Perez’s excitement in adapting “A Tale of Sand” is understandable, considering that he’s a lifelong fan of Henson’s work. “I grew up with Jim’s stuff, obviously, like most of people of my generation, if not younger or older, I was glued to the TV when ‘The Muppet Show’ was on, ‘Labyrinth’ — all that stuff,” the artist told CBR News. “I was kind of fascinated because this side of his work I had never really experienced or realized before. I had never heard of it. I just knew Jim from pop culture side of his work, and then there’s this whole other art house side that I was really unfamiliar with. It was a real joy to enrich myself in this other side of him that I wasn’t aware of, and experience his short films, his time piece. The Jim Henson Company was great, they sent over a bunch of DVDs burned with a lot of his short films from the ’60s and ’70s. Some were experimental, some were more commercial, but they were all different from what we knew of him as a creative force from my youth anyway. It was really cool to learn about and enrich myself in this other aspect of Jim.”

You can read the full interview and check out the new images on CBR.