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CBR Reviews ‘The Thrilling Adventure Hour’!

The Thrilling Adventure Hour
releases with a bang! Having sold out at the distributor level, the graphic novel also receives great feedback from Doug Zawisza of Comic Book Resources!

Calling it “a winner, offering more fun and entertainment than most titles can provide over the course of a year”, Zawisza goes on talking about the graphic novel’s art styles, story lines, interpretations of characters from the original pod-casts/performances, and more!

Here is a sneak preview of his review:

“Less frequent feature characters also pick up stories in this book. Phillip Fathom, Deep Sea Detective, wearing his San Andreas trenchcoat, has an adventure that pits him against many of the heroes of Apex City. Jeff Stokely’s art, with AndrĂ© May’s colors fit nicely for the gilled gumshoe as he tries to solve the mystery around him. Acker and Blacker choose to narrate most of Fathom’s adventure, which plays out like a classic detective story.”

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