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Bunbury in the Stacks reviews ‘Gunnerkrigg Court’ series

Writer for Bunbury in the Stacks, Heidi Jean, reviews our graphic novel series, Gunnerkrigg Court! Jean states that the series is “full of mystery, fun, and adventure that will delight readers to no end” and shares her thoughts on creator Thomas Siddell’s art.

Oh–and I love the art.  Siddell’s style changes from the first volume to later installments, and I honestly much preferred the change.  I love a very cartoony art style, and have found many panels to be incredibly captivating, fun, and beautiful.  His drawing has a humor about it, but also a deep understanding and respect for how these characters would work with the world around them, and how their images should reflect the cultures they represent

Read the full review here and be sure to pick up Volume 4 which is now available for purchase!