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Broken Frontier Reviews ‘I’m Not a Plastic Bag’

Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier reviewed I’m Not a Plastic Bag, by Rachel Hope Allison. I’m Not a Plastic Bag is an all-ages book about the importance of preserving the environment. It follows the life of a plastic bag to promote conservation of earth and nature’s ecosystems. It was published in partnership with JeffCorwinConnect.

Anthropomorphising this floating heap of rubbish, Allison achieves the dual purpose of making it a lost character in its own right and emphasising the human responsibility behind its unfortunate creation. There are obvious comparisons to Frankenstein’s monster that can be made here as the drifting islet of waste struggles to find its place in the world, curiously making contact with the inhabitants of the sea around it but doomed to leave only death and destruction in its wake. Told without words, Allison’s story is both touching and informative, raising awareness with clarity and purpose. An outstandingly assured and confident entry for a first time graphic novelist.

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