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Bloody Disgusting interviews ‘Moon Lake’ creator, Dan Fogler!

Dan Fogler talks to Bloody-Disgusting about the next volume of Moon Lake, coming this fall! Take a look for the full interview and some awesome preview pages!

Here is a sneak preview:

BD: Reading Moon Lake reminded me of older anthologies like the old EC Comics titles like Vault of Horror or even Heavy Metal Magazine.

DF: When I was a kid I saw Heavy Metal the movie and my mind was blown. I loved the idea that you could have all these different stories in different styles that are linked together. I thought that I wanted to do something like that with Moon Lake, and Volume 2 is a lot more like that, where you have all of these different stories that are like puzzle pieces that come together to form one larger picture. Moon Lake is just sort of like this rabbit hole, not unlike a show like Lost, where you have this great ensemble of characters that you want to learn more about. Once you get to Moon Lake it becomes very hard to leave, sort of like Lost in that way.”

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