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Vogster Entertainment is preparing a slew of major new features for their Massively Multiplayer Online shooter CrimeCraft, to coincide with the exciting conclusion of BLEEDOUT Season 1. New combat zones, new customization options, and new skills will be unveiled to help players survive the climactic events that have been building in Sunrise City since the premiere of Episode 1 last December. In the meantime, players and fans can take advantage of this mid-season break to prepare for the bloodshed through weekly in-game tournaments and regular supplemental content updates at Get ready to learn the Truth behind the Ruin…

BLEEDOUT episodes will continue in late January with the premiere of Episode 6: The Achilles Helix, illustrated by Gary Erskine. Following episodes will continue to premiere weekly, and will feature artwork by legendary comic all-stars Howard Chaykin, Glenn Fabry, Vince Proce and Trevor Hairsine. And of course, all of this leads into the release of the original hardcover graphic novel from Archaia Black Label later this spring! Stay tuned for more exciting details!