News Article Interview with ‘Rust’ Creator Royden Lepp

Brendon Connelly of was able to catch up with Rust creator Royden Lepp at San Diego Comic-Con for a brief chat about the first volume of the title and its imminent release in September.

Taking place years after a war, Rust: Visitor in the Field is the story of a mysterious boy wearing a jet pack who, while fleeing from a decommissioned war robot, crashes into the barn of a struggling farm family.

Lepp explains that “the story is about things that are fading away. The story of the Taylor family on the farm, and the idea of degradation. We see this in the robots coming onto the farm, that aren’t working properly. Everybody is just trying to button things together and get them working. It’s about them trying to keep the structure of the family together, trying to keep the farm running. I’m telling the story from my heart, my experiences in my life.”

You can read the rest of the interview on here.