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Bleeding Cool interviews ‘Cursed Pirate Girl’ creator Jeremy Bastian

Bleeding Cool writer, Rich Johnston, interviews Jeremy Bastian about his artistic influences and process for creating Cursed Pirate Girl.

Rich Johnston: How long does it take?
Jeremy Bastian: Right now it takes a week a page.

RJ: What’s your process on the book like?
JB: The process is I start with my thumbnails–I thumbnail the entire book and that’s my first starting point. I then draw them up to a full-sized rough and I work on the individual panel layouts and how the page flows, how they work with the previous page and lead into the next page. I don’t want to repeat anything. Then I start working on the individual panels, scan them, then transfer them to the board. From there I pencil it out and do more pencils on top of that, refining some of the details. Then I start inking–it’s all inked with a brush–and it’s all actual size, too. What you see in the book is how big I drew it.

RJ: Who were the artistic influences that you brought to cursed pirate girl?
JB: My influences are Arthur Rackham (number one), Edmond DuLac, Kay Neilson, Walter Crane Gustav Dore, Albrecht Durer, HJ Ford–a lot of the classic storybook illustrators. I love fairy tales and that world of illustration. I call Cursed Pirate Girl my nautical fairy tale. It’s definitely an obsession with an older antiquated world of illustration, I guess.

Read the full interview here.