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Author Of has an interview with David Petersen about ‘Mouse Guard: The Black Axe’

Want to know more about Mouse Guard: The Black Axe? Author Of has an interview with David Petersen asking all about his process and his latest release through Archaia! Below is an excerpt:

“In David’s beautifully rendered fantasy series, mice struggle for survival amid harsh conditions and dangerous predators. The Mouse Guard heroically battles bad guys, patrols the borders, and helps the residents find routes to safety through treacherous terrain. The mice are swashbuckling characters draped in vivid cloaks and wielding serious swords. And while there is a real Tolkien sensibility, this is a thoroughly 21st-century franchise. The Mouse Guard world is open for easy exploration online, allowing young readers to click on at least 35 characters from the books, five specific groups (like the weaselly Fishers), and a variety of settings and maps.


Question: You’ve created more than just a book series with Mouse Guard,you’ve built an entire world both on paper and online, including a role playing game. Can you describe the genesis of the story and where the idea originated? Did you envision an empire?

David PetersenMouse Guard started as a comic idea I had in high school titled 1149. It was a combination of Disney’sRobin Hood and our Dungeons and Dragons adventures. There were no mice at that point; the animals were all human proportioned, but with animal heads, like the Disney film. In college I decided to revisit the idea focusing on making it less of a cartoon-ish idea and more like Aesop’s’ Fables. In addition to the species being their actual size and keeping their predator/prey relationships, I figured each species could get its own civilization, allowing me some fun world-building.”


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