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Artesia Online Relaunches!

Artesia Online, the official website for the Artesia graphic novel series written and illustrated by Archaia founder Mark Smylie, has recently relaunched with a new design and lots of new online material in preparation for the continuation of the Artesia Besieged series and an eventual playtest of a second editon of the Artesia roleplaying game, Adventures in the Known World.

On the Sourcebooks page you can find the Artesia Compendium, a free compilation of the background essays from the first three graphic novels; other free downloads will soon follow, including The Book of Urgrayne (a compilation of short stories from the Annuals that have not yet been collected, along with a 3-page short from the 1999 Sirius Gallery that probably few people have ever seen) and a History & Timeline of the Known World which will combine the history sections of the RPG with the timeline that was in Annual #3.

You can also sign up for Artesia Grammata, a newsletter on all things Artesia-related. The Artesia Besieged graphic novel is currently slated for a late 2012 release. You can visit the site at