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Archaia’s ‘Mumbai Confidential’ is a ‘Slick, Pulpy Thrill’

Russ Burlingame of writes about the first volume of Archaia’s ‘Mumbai Confidential’, which is a hardboiled crime-noir tale set in Mumbai and told through the eyes of Arjun Kadam, a washed-out drug-addicted ex-cop.

This book is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s cinematic, like a black-and-white film infused with the murkiness of sepia but retaining the shadow and form of black and white. Once the theme of a B-movie gets really rolling in the plot, it will serve the story even better but in this first chapter, it was too beautiful to be a distraction.

The dialogue at times, and especially the narration, reminds me a bit of Judge Dredd; it’s all very melodramatic, very angry, very vulgar. This is certainly not an all-ages book, with the dreaded C-word even slipping into the dialogue in the first issue, just in case the wrong reader decided to try it out. It sometimes tips over into something that feels a bit like camp, but the fact that the whole thing is set up as a kind of Bollywood film noir makes it work. The character is compelling and the anger and deep trauma that you see in him this issue makes you wonder what makes him tick, and should drive most readers back for more.

You can more of this article here. ‘Mumbai Confidential’ written by Saurav Mohapatra and illustrated by Vivek Shinde. The first chapter of this comic is available on comiXology. The printed version will be available this fall.