Killer, The

Archaia Property Featured Art--Killer

Creator: Matz


Originally published in France in five volumes from 1998 to 2003, Le Tueur (The Killer) quickly became known as one of Europe’s grittiest and most hard-boiled comics—a brutal, bloody, and stylish story of a professional assassin lost in a world without a moral compass. Archaia is proud to present the English translation of this highly provocative series from author Matz and illustrator Luc Jacamon. The first volume in the series—the case study of a man alone, armed to the teeth, and slowly losing his mind—was nominated for a 2008 Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material. The property’s film rights were optioned by Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B Entertainment.

THE KILLER VOL. 1: LONG FIRE Collected Edition Hardcover
A professional. A man of few scruples, nerves of steel and a steady trigger finger. A man whose crimes might be catching up with him. A man on the verge of cracking. Archaia presents The Killer, a hard-boiled, noir series chronicling one man’s journey through some seriously bad mojo.

THE KILLER VOL. 2: THE DEBT Collected Edition Hardcover
While trying to avoid the kinds of personal entanglements that make the life of a professional assassin all the more difficult, our Killer exacts what he hopes will be his revenge on those that have sent his life and career into its long and downward spiral back into humanity.

THE KILLER OMNIBUS Collected Edition Softcover
This omnibus collects The Killer Vol. 1: Long Fire and The Killer Vol. 2: The Debt into one comprehensive volume, presented for the first time in softcover (featuring French flaps). Contains a Foreword written by fan-favorite writer and artist, Brian Michael Bendis (Jinx, Torso, Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers).

THE KILLER VOL. 3: MODUS VIVENDI Collected Edition Hardcover
The Killer has returned. It’s been four years since his last job and the time spent away from the world of corruption and violence hasn’t dulled his skills or resolve. As the Killer goes back to work, and the targets fall one after the other, a corrupt, political war begins to fester around him, threatening not just his way of life, but the very foundation of his morality.

THE KILLER VOL. 4: UNFAIR COMPETITION Collected Edition Hardcover
After his misadventures in Venezuela, our Killer retires to Mexico, but his Colombian cartel friend Mariano and the Cuban agent Katia are not far behind. Soon he finds himself drawn back into the great geopolitical game between Cuba, Venezuela, and the United States, with oil revenues and political independence at stake. Even when he finds himself in unusual territory as the shadow owner of an oil company developing Cuba’s off-shore deposits, the need for his usual skill-set is never far away. Coming Fall 2012.


The Killer Vol. 1: Best Indie Book 0f 2007, IGN
The Killer Vol. 1: Nominated for an Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material, 2008
The Killer: Top 10 Best Indie Comic Book, IGN
The Killer Vol. 3: Nominated for an Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material, 2011



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