Colony planet Illal is in the grip of corporate civil war, and life as a combat mech pilot is a high-speed, daily life-or-death struggle!

Based on the Free-to-Play online mech shooter HAWKEN, this follow-up series to the original graphic novel HAWKEN: GENESIS focuses on the action and adrenaline of mercenary corporate combat as featured in the game itself.  Five stand-alone stories by 5 creative teams spotlight a variety of different pilots and characters caught up in the struggle to survive on the wartorn planet of Illal. Featuring an A-list of comic talent, this series will include the work of Tim Bradstreet, Dan Abnett, Federico Dallocchio, Jim Mahfood, Jock, Mike Kennedy, Michael O’Hare, Bagus Hutomo, Andrew Gaska, Dan Dussault, Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Nathan Fox, and Bengal!

For more information on the videogame, visit Playhawken.com.


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