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Archaia Property Featured Art--Hawken

Creator: Khang Le


On a distant planet colonized by corporations, combat rages over precious resources, survival, and glory. As one man rises to power, another is tragically ruined in the process. But who will truly emerge victorious in the end?

Based on the Free-to-Play online mech shooter HAWKEN, this original graphic novel serves as both prequel and sourcebook for the game world, offering players a glimpse of what came before the game, and what might come in the months ahead. HAWKEN: GENESIS focuses on the relationship between Rion Lazlo, the man who would be king, and James Hawken, the brilliant inventor who paves the way for Lazlo’s success. What begins as a mutually beneficial partnership developing magnificent technology for the planet’s largest corporation state devolves into betrayal and conflict that soon leads to a man-made cataclysm that changes the face of the planet forever…

This lush hardcover graphic novel is written by Jeremy Barlow (Mass Effect, Star Wars) and features artwork by some of the greatest concept artists, comic illustrators, and painters in the industry, including Francisco Velasco (Hellboy 2), Alex Sanchez (Star Wars: the Old Republic), Kody Chamberlain (Sweets), Sid Kotian (Odayan), Bill Sienkiewicz (Electra: Assassin), Bagus Hutomo (Shrapnel), Michael Gaydos (Alias, True Blood), Federico Dallocchio (Modern Warfare 2: Ghost), Nathan Fox (DMZ, The Haunt), and Christopher Moeller (Iron Empires, JLA: League of One).

For more information on the videogame, visit Playhawken.com.



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