Feeding Ground

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A famine drives Diego Busqueda, a noble “Coyote,” to lead his family across the unforgiving “Devil’s Highway,” a desert cursed with blistering days and deadly nights. However, an ancient evil that has plagued the region for generations has emerged from the shadows. Pitting real-world border politics against a boldly reimagined werewolf mythology, FEEDING GROUND questions the very nature of survival.

Hardcover collection available both in English and Spanish editions.

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"This epic is so addictive that it will lure you into a deep redrock canyon where the worst dream awaits. It's so bad…it's so pretty." –LUIS ALBERTO URREA (Author, "The Devil's Highway")

"An interesting look at our own world through the lens of genre." –MTV GEEK

"A well-paced werewolf story that doesn't actually follow the usual horror clichés…real-life drama unfolds with supernatural terror." –FANGORIA

"One of the most interesting werewolf yarns in years." –AIN'T IT COOL NEWS


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