Archaia Property Featured Art--Cyclops

Creator: Matz


2054. Douglas Pistoia is looking for work, but only a private security firm, Multicorps Security, has offered him a job. Soon after he signs up, the UN decides to outsource its peacekeeping missions, and Multicorps wins the first bid, propelling Douglas into a war that is not his own, a highly sophisticated war broadcast worldwide by the soldiers themselves, thanks to the micro-cameras in their helmets. They are called the Cyclops. Douglas plays the game, and slowly emerges as both a unit leader and a media celebrity. But how far will he go in exploring the boundaries between war and peacekeeping, news and entertainment?


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August 16, 2013

              This week, The Killer Vol. 4: Unfair Competition appears on The New York Times Bestseller List for Hardcover Graphic Books! It joins Mouse Guard Vol. 3: The Black Axe, which is on there …

June 7, 2013

Debuting in comic book shops and wherever books are sold in a few weeks are two “killer” books from Archaia! After several delays, The Killer Vol. 4: Unfair Competition and The Killer Omnibus Vol. 1 finally make their way into shops …

April 19, 2013

Coming this Spring, a trio of gripping Noir titles from Archaia’s shadowy side. MUMBAI CONFIDENTIAL A GRITTY RETURN TO CLASSIC, PULP NOIR STORYTELLING INSPIRED BY THE REAL LIFE ENCOUNTER COPS OF MUMBAI. “In the book, no stone has been left …