City in the Desert

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Archaia Property Featured Art--City in the Desert

Creator: Moro Rogers


A monster hunter is suddenly out of a job when a religious sect supposedly rids the world of them, but is the sect’s noble deed too good to be true?

Monster hunter Irro is perhaps the only person in Kevala making a good living. The city pays him and his tailed assistant, Hari, a bounty for each monster carcass they bring in. But one day a religious sect called The Way of the Sacred Peace comes to Kevala to solve the monster problem by capping the city’s Spirit Fountain. Out of a job with all the monsters gone, Irro and Hari are determined to prove that there is a more sinister plot behind the Sacred Peace’s plan.



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July 2, 2013

    For a limited time only, read seven complete runs of Archaia Digital First Titles for a shockingly low price! The bundle includes: CURSED PIRATE GIRL, CITY IN THE DESERT, IRON: OR, THE WAR AFTER, THE GRAND DUKE, LAST …

June 6, 2013

Sequential Tart reviewer, Sheena McNeil,  gives City in the Desert: The Monster Problem a 10 out of 10! McNeil describes the book as being: “a fantastic read,” going on to further state that  ”it’s all-ages friendly without being a ‘kids’ …

April 30, 2013

This Saturday, May 4th is Free Comic Book Day! Our offering is the Mouse Guard / Rust Flip Book, which you can pick up for free at your local participating comic book shop! It contains original stories by David Petersen …