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Archaia Profiled by Comic Impact, Part 1

Can you tell we’re blushing? Because we are after having read the nice piece that Comic Impact recently posted about how much they like us and how we’re a great company for mainstream readers to enjoy. The article went on to cite a few examples of our more recent titles, including Bleedout, Old City Blues and Feeding Ground. John Mueller writes:

This brings us to an indie publisher whose releases touch on nearly all genres within the medium and display an unwavering commitment to quality in both artistic terms and the presentation of the material itself: Archaia.

Founded in 2002, Archaia has grown to become a leading name in independent comics, and boasts a slate of dozens of eclectic books under their belt. Archaia releases are in fact a great way for a mainstream reader to test the waters of the indie comics world as several of their titles reside solidly in the popular realms of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.

You can read the rest of the article on Comic Impact’s website. The best part is, this is only Part 1! We can’t wait to see what they say in Part 2! A big thank you for the nice words, Comic Impact!