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Archaia Founder and CCO Mark Smylie Profiled by

Longtime northern New Jersey resident Mark Smylie was recently profiled on about the founding of Archaia and how he continues to serve as the company’s Chief Creative Officer. Mark is also the creator of the fantasy series, Artesia. Here’s an excerpt from the article written by Chuck O’Donnell:

He quickly learned self-publishing comes with great self-sacrifice. No matter how hard he tried to peddle his work, no matter how many conventions he schlepped to with books in tow, Smylie couldn’t stay in reader’s minds and hearts for long in an industry where new comics hit the shelves every Wednesday.

Realizing there is strength in numbers, he took in many other talented creators who, like him, were looking for a home for their work. Suddenly, Smylie was hands-on in running a small publishing house, while jamming a foot in the industry’s door.

Smylie’s life — and the course of comic book history — changed the day David Petersen approached Smylie at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con and showed him some pages from a book about feudal mice warriors he was working on. On the spot, Smylie agreed to publish it.

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