Tom and Nimue Brown

Tom and Nimue Brown


Thomas and Nimue Brown share a love of gothic decay, poetry, wild landscapes and strange creatures. They have been collaborating for years, brought together initially by a publishing house. In the summer of 2009 they launched The Hopeless Vendetta – a weekly newspaper charting life on the fictional island of Hopeless. The webcomic (in the same setting) commenced that autumn at

The Browns are collectively influenced by Robert Holdstock, Neil Gaiman, Lord Dunsany, the pre-Raphelites, folklore and the modern druid tradition. Goth and steampunk also turn up in the mix, as does anything else they run into. Both have worked separately in their respective fields. Tom has created book covers for Joe Pulver and others at Hippocampus. Nimue writes poetry as Brynneth Nimue and other fiction under a pen name. They are at their happiest and most creative when collaborating; inspiring and challenging each other to test abilities and ideas to the limits.


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