Marvin Perry Mann began his comics career inking The Trouble With Girls (Malibu Graphics). Other titles included Ape City, Lizard Lady and Flesh Gordon. Leaving comics for almost a decade he learned woodworking and furniture design, and then digital 3d modeling and animation. He returned to comics in 2002, digitally producing a 240-page silent comic strip for Pause and Effect: The Art of Interactive Narrative(New Riders). Recent work includes a raft of small press, mini, and web comics, culminating in THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS (Caption Box, ASP) with writer A. David Lewis and colorist Jennifer Rodgers.

He is looking forward to the publication in 2007 of a pair of short stories inLifelike (IDW) with writer Dara Naraghi. And he is delighted that ASP will be bringing you his next two graphic novels: INANNA’S TEARS with Rob Vollmar, and SOME NEW KIND OF SLAUGHTER, resuming his partnership with Lewis.

Mann lives in Northern California with his wife and two children, one dog, three cars and a mortgage. He is a Coffee Master.



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