“I got my first comic book published in 1990 by Futuropolis in Paris. It was followed by a couple of other attempts, including a novel, published in 1993 by Denoël, before 1998 and the first issue of my hit series, The Killer, with artist Luc Jacamon, his comic book debut. It became a bestseller that found its way onto the shelves of bookstores in many countries, all the way to the USA with Archaia. It was then optioned by Paramount for a movie that should be directed by David Fincher.

“Two other series originally published by Casterman, Cyclops (also with Luc Jacamon) and Headshot (with Colin Wilson), have also been optioned for films, both by Warner Bros. Among my other activities, I have created and am co-directing a new line of comic books, Rivages/Casterman/Noir, which are adaptations from noir novels. I have also translated novels.

“But my day job for the last 15 years has been to write for the videogame industry, as I have been an employee at Ubisoft for all these years. I am now in charge of the writing department there, and I have been involved with games such as Splinter CellGhost ReconRainbow SixPrince of Persia and the Assassin’s Creed series, among many others.”


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