Luc Jacamon

Luc Jacamon


Born on the 14th of May in 1967 in Luxeuil-Les-Bains (Haute-Saône, France), Luc Jacamon first emerged in the Comics world in 1986 when he won an Alfred Award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in Angoulême, France. In 1989, he entered the School of Applied Arts, Illustrations and Communications section. During the ’90s, his primary focus was on the creation of advertisements and illustrations. He then met Matz through a common friend. Together, they launched The Killer comic series with publisher Casterman (eight volumes published since 1998). From 2005 – 2006, Jacamon worked on the first two volumes of Cyclops, another series written by Matz and published by Casterman. Jacamon is currently working on the ninth volume of the The Killer and also continues to pursue advertising and promotional work in a different and unique graphic style from his home in Normandy, France.



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