Kat Rocha

Kat Rocha


After concluding the life of an adventuring archeologist was just too dangerous, Katapult “Kat” Rocha took up the craft of creating art rather than digging it up. She trained for two years at the Watts Atelier of the Arts and then later apprenticed herself to Josh Finney to learn digital painting. She has worked with Josh on comics ever since, collaborating with him on the artwork for UTOPIATES, the AWESOME ANTHOLOGY, a CATWOMAN story for BATMAN and now, TITANIUM RAIN. Kat has also produced numerous concept designs for game companies and has had her work featured in Interzone magazine. In addition to having a fondness for Egyptology, Kat collects knives, action figures and is living proof that Power Girl’s boobs aren’t unrealistic. Aside from her art career, Kat writes a column for ComicRelated.com called The “F” Word, where she tackles gender issues and offends a lot of people.


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