Josh Finney

Josh Finney


Author, artist, and full-time obsessive-compulsive, Josh has been working as a comics professional since 2004. His first success came with the acclaimed cyberpunk series, UTOPIATES, which was conceived in part with his wife and partner in crime, Kat Rocha. Since then, Josh’s writing and art has graced the pages of BATMAN, CATWOMAN and JETTA. As well, Josh wrote and co-rendered a stand-out story in the 2007 AWESOME ANTHOLOGY, dubbed in the press as, “a virtual who’s who of the best of up-and-coming indie talent.”

Outside of comics, Josh has done art and concept designs for numerous games, magazines, album covers and on occasion, even television. In 2003 Josh was commissioned by Star Trek screenwriter, Jimmy Diggs, to design an alien spacecraft which was slated to appear in the ill-fated, fifth season of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE.

Other skeletons in Josh’s past include time in the music industry (as a journalist and musician), a gunshot wound, his life as a staff artist for England’s famed sci-fi magazine INTERZONE, and that time he did graphics for the DORA THE EXPLORER game…but you can ask him about it if you really want to know.

Josh looks forward to continuing his career in comics, telling gripping stories and striving to redefine the medium. With brain transplants and robot bodies a distinct possibility in the near future, Josh hopes to be at this comics stuff for quite a long time.



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