John Chandler

John Chandler


John Chandler is the writer, illustrator and colorist of The Skrumps. His first eight-page comic for Archaia is an introductory Skrumps comic called “The Tale of the Bathtub Bandit.” It is a bonus feature published in Archaia and The Jim Henson Company’s Fraggle Rock Volume 1 hardcover anthology released in September 2010.

John was born in Santa Monica, California, and in 2000, he co-founded a company and broke into the toy industry with his action figures from movies, starting with “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and later with “Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke.”

He had always been writing and illustrating children’s books and then sculpting the characters he created, and from there he developed the concept for his first line of vinyl Skrumps toys with storybooks. In 2004, he started a new toy company called Splashdown Toys to manufacture and distribute his line. Series 1 featured Skrumpy, The Mooch, Worried Willie, Skraps Baxter, Lazy Louie and The Bathtub Bandit. They were released in toy stores and comic book shops.

Since The Jim Henson Company discovered The Skrumps, they have been working together with John Chandler to bring the franchise to all new levels in entertainment, including publishing, animation, video games and everything cool.

Currently, John is working with Archaia to continue his series of Skrumps comics and graphic novels.


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